Bungee Jumping System

Spider Jump – Its an Experience

Solid Rock Productions’ latest attraction in the trend sport sector combines established and exciting activities, bringing them to a new pinnacle of fun and safety for everybody… BUNGEE TRAMPOLINES.

Bungee Jumping has traditionally been an attraction that has been admired rather than executed. Trampolines, on the other hand, have always required a lot of training for proper use… But now, these activities are combined, producing a new and exhilarating interactive sport we call SPIDER JUMP!

Spider Jump’s Dedication to Safety

While on the Bungee Trampoline, the jumper is connected by special elastics to the structure. These elastics increase the height and velocity of the jump while stabilizing the jump.

All of our Spider Jumps are equipped with MES – Multiple Elastics System as illustrated to the right. Every Jumper will be connected to two MES, one from the right, and the other from the left. A safety redundancy factor has been well built into this system. A comfortable harness system will also be provided to the Spider Jumper as another safety measure.

The Spider Jump’s elastics are specially designed for an enjoyable and safe experience – Extremely safe with German TUV Rating! ( same rating that was given to the Mercedes-Benz!) The height of the trampoline’s structure allows an impressive height of flight and the trampolines we use are of the required softness (2 models, steel framed trampolines & Inflatable Air-Tramps).

If You Build It, They Will Come

  • Visually Dynamic, crowd pleasure at every kind of venue
  • Space saving design will fit in even the smallest indoor space
  • Built to last! Steel structure with reinforced cross steel bars
  • Fast turnaround of patrons
  • Jump over 20 feet into the air and perform gravity defying maneuvers, like flips and somersaults that will make even gymnasts green with envy
  • Predominant eye catcher that draws crowds to every kind of event
  • Appeals to thrill seekers of all ages
  • Designed for amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, and family entertainment centers
  • High Customer repeat rate
  • The Spider Jumps revolutionary design for multiple and modern use makes it possible to serve 4 jumpers simultaneously within a limited space (25’x25’x24’)

Key Components

  • Platform/trailer system, smallest platform in the industry, 48” square, which can attach and detach at will. Assisting with the ease of setup and improving the mobility of the system as a whole
  • Portable and scalable. With the axel rated at 5,000 lb as the underpinning foundation, the Spider Jump can be wheeled around removable pole holders designed to position the connected poles during transportation and removable tongues when on location.
  • LED trailer lights
  • Special cast aluminum poles are “space-age light” yet deliver an unprecedented performance in regards to strength and stability
  • Carabineer system made by PETZL, a famous climbing and rescue Gear Company. Each Carabineer, pulley and swivel system is “individually tested”
  • William Ball lock carabineer M26 is rated for 25 KN (breaking load)
  • FIXE pulley system P05 assault line (Military specs) is rated 22 KN (breaking load)
  • Swivel system is rated 36 KN (minimum breaking strength)
  • A machined aluminum block swiveling system at the bottom of the poles makes setting up the Spider Jump a Cinch!
  • Our console platform system is constructed with an all steel structure, reinforced steel crossbars on the bottom, and an adjustable jacking system rated at 7,000 lb on all four corners of the platform
  • Equipped with MES – Multiple Elastics System – every jumper will be connected to two MES from both the right and left side. A safety redundancy factor has been built into the system
  • Comfortable custom-made 3 point locking harness system will provide the Spider Jumper another safety measure. The harness is rated at 250 lb per jumper
  • Removable 1 1/8 HP winches with 110v, 800 watts rated at 1300 lb single line capacity are placed in the platform to assist in the jumping motion and the jumpers’ effort by tightening and loosening the MES system
  • Our static rope system is made by Canyon Pro Ropes. 8.5 MM rated at 4,000 lb breaking strength and 11.5 MM assault line rated at 5,000 lb breaking strength with a design of double twist cabled sheath strands and double twist cabled core strands